What are some words that come to mind when you think about Branson, MO? Maybe shopping, Table Rock Lake, Fishing, and these days, probably golf. There is a new word that you will start hearing…baseball.

Located at the old Red Roof outlet mall is up-and-coming little leagues play destination. Ballparks of America, made up of five small replicas of famous MLB fields. Including Busch, Wrigley, Ebbet’s, Fenway and Kaufman Stadium. Teams not only get to play at Ballparks of America, they also get to stay in team suites that look like real MLB clubhouses.

When the players aren’t playing, they can visit the practice facilities, check out the café or pro-shop, they can even try a hot dog that is famous at each other different stadiums.

If you don’t think of baseball when you think of Branson, you will be in the next few years as Ballparks of America continues to grow