August was another crazy month here in Branson Missouri for real estate. Inventory was much lower than last August (2020) 463 active listings compared to this year’s 314 active listings. 33% of last year’s listings sold (153) while 42% of this August’s active listings sold (132). Proving it is still very much a seller’s market. The average sale pricmuch higher than last year. Like 50% higher! Last year’s average sale price was $180,000, this year $271,000.

Check out July’s recap if you haven’t already, the number of units sold is staying steady but the average sale price came back down some. July was definitely the busiest month this year.

With Covid still, a thing and Branson going into what used to be “bus season” and the kids are back in school (not virtual), it will be interesting to see what Branson will do as a whole.